The idea of Little Craft Shack came about through a conversation between friends Loz & Kat over a coffee at a local garden centre. Now founders & managing directors of The Little Craft Shack, we both wanted to curate a platform website showcasing the finest local artists and crafters - this was the beginning of a great adventure, one that we are still on.

What we ended up doing, without realising it at the time, was create a community of amazing, talented, artisans & creatives - highly talented individuals who normally work in solitude perfecting their arts and crafts. Every Artisan we approached had faith in what we were trying to achieve as we continued to scout, source and select from fairs across Dorset.

The Little Craft Shack never had a 5 year business plan. We knew what we loved and were passionate about providing quality handmade arts & crafts to our customers, whilst putting the needs of our artists at the core. In the early days, we would both scout local art and craft fairs and come away with the same tick list. To this day, we have never had opposing views on an Artist - how strange is that! We have often been told we make a great team.

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We became curators for festivals in 2019 when we brought Arts & Crafts to the establsihed Highcliffe Food Festival. The festival was rebranded and renamed The Highcliffe Food & Arts Festival: It was a phenominal success and we look forward to curating the Arts & Crafts at the 2022 festival.

We were then approached to curate the Arts & Crafts at the first Burley Festival, in the heart of the New Forest. Being a first festival, we didn't know what to expect but curated a fantastic selection of Arts, Crafts, workshops, craft displays & hands-on experiences for both young and young-at-heart. The weather was scorching hot and again we had a fantastic, successful event.

Now for 2021, we are delighted to announce we will be curating the first Contender Fest next door to Bournemouth International Airport.


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Our community is the heart of The Little Craft Shack today. Our curated website ended up being so much more than we ever imagined. Today we can shout out that we are a creative community of independent artists, crafters, creators, makers and designers; each offering unique handcrafted gifts created in workshops, studios, box bedrooms garden sheds and probably more than my creative imagination can imagine! (as we are a resourceful bunch too!)

We still don't have a 5 year plan. We pride ourselves on growing organically. We have always gone with "gut-feelings" and now believe strongly that this has been a huge factor in how we have developed and continue to grow.

We could never have come so far without those who put faith in us in the early days. We have edited & cropped precious images and once even met a fused glass artist for the very first time (halfway in a lovely coffee shop in Wimborne) and walked away with £100 of her stock. She put her trust in us and continues to work with us today. 

As our curated directory takes us on a new journey, we want to thank our creative community for their continued support and trust. We are so proud to be a part of  this truly amazing community. We want to introduce our customers, established and new, to our makers. For 2021, the idea to convert our marketplace website into a directory celebrating British Handmade seems the perfect solution.

We will continue to curate our directory, as our customers would expect nothing less. And we will still scout for great talent.

So now, after working with every listed Artist on their listing, we are proud to present to you our Directory of British Artists, Crafters & Artisans celebrating all things handmade and curated by The Little Craft Shack.

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The Little Craft Shack is based in the picturesque county of Dorset between the Coast and the New Forest National Park. However, we attract makers from Cornwall, Kent and further afield.

We have more plans for our future and welcome you to follow our journey.


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