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Kate Osman

Marnhull, Dorset
United Kingdom

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Kate Osman
07771 640071
Hi, I am Kate Osman.
I am passionate about our oceans and my love affair with our spectacular coastline, our turquoise sea, our wildlife, is an ever evolving one. 

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Reluctant to see anything go into landfill if it can be reused, I am passionate about making as much use of the random things we as a nation might otherwise discard. From seaside to city nothing is safe from the very real possibility that it may find itself in my studio workshop being transformed - from rescued greenhouse glass and old wooden boxes, to the ocean plastics, ghost fishing nets and tiny pieces of seaglass found amongst grains of sand on the beach. I collect and where possible reuse it all.


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We all need to play our part in acting responsibly and if by using some of this awful ocean plastic to create my work I am able to highlight this disaster in a way that helps people to take notice then that is a beginning.

Join me in my garden studio at Marnhull, Dorset for my glass workshops. Contact me for details.

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