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Highcliffe, Dorset
United Kingdom

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Hi, I am Viktoria,

I work with Copper because of its natural, pure characteristics and its beautiful versatile colour scheme, from the rose gold shiny shade to the turquoise verdigris patina. It can be changed into so many beautiful colours naturally. 

 VC 1 500

 VC2 600

 VC3 600

I'm inspired by nature, people, experiences, tastes, colours, flavours & absolutely everything that surrounds us.

All items have healing properties because of pure copper and exquisite gemstones. I also use gemstones to give my pieces a more sophisticated touch. Simplicity, purity and uniqueness would define my pieces.


 VC5 600



Every single piece is a one-off; I never make a piece twice so no mass production at all. I believe we all deserve something as unique as we are.

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