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Sea and Solder

Blandford Forum, Dorset
United Kingdom

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Hi, I'm Jules, 

Having grown up in, on & around the water, I take inspiration for my pieces from the form & beauty of the ocean to create unique one-off pieces of jewellery, mixing seaglass and silver.

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Most of the seaglass is found locally in Dorset. However being a coastal lover I have traveled and found some unique pieces along the way on both the UK coastlines as well as through Europe and Africa. 

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What is seaglass?

Bottles, jars and glass that has been discarded and tumbled by the ocean in to smaller pieces. The glass has been washed around and weathered on the coastline by the sea, sand and waves creating unique pieces that become smooth and frosted perfect for recycling into wonderful one-off pieces of jewellery.

Contact me for more details, any bespoke requirements or to join one of my workshops.

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