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Bee Chase

Boscombe East, Dorset
United Kingdom

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J.R. Grailhe


I am the author of "The Bee Chase", a book about the phenomenom of bee swarming and the importance of saving the colonies. The story is based on a real event that happened to us when a swarm of honeybees landed in our garden

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Having a small garden, we could not keep the bees so I decided to build Bee Hotels out of upcycled materials & pallets to help protect solitary bees.

There are over 200 species of Solitary Bees and, as the name suggests, they live alone. They do not produce honey, do not have a queen and do not live in hives. However, they also play a vital role in pollinating our crops, flowers and trees.


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Solitary Bees need shelters to rest and lay their eggs and my Bee Hotels provide this.

I can deliver for free within a 5 mile radius of my home (postcode above)

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